Monday, August 22, 2011

NARS Douceurs de Paris Artist Palette

While catching up on some old posts on beauty blogs I follow, I came across a review for NARS' Douceurs de Paris (Pleasures of Paris) palette. I had a great experience with NARS Bridal Palette from a while back, and this palette had colors that I love so I thought I would give it a try. Although the fact that it previously sold out due to its popularity and was somewhat recently revived was another deciding factor.

The packaging for Douceurs de Paris is the same as any other NARS eyeshadow/blush packaging. There is a mirror included, but no applicators or brushes.

The texture of the eyeshadows are extremely silky and smooth, with the exception of the bottom right shade, which seems a little rougher and drier. The pigmentation level of all shades is excellent, as expected of NARS products. I will have to update later on the staying power since I have not yet used these on my eyes. Though from my previous experience, NARS eyeshadows tend to fade on me after 6-7 hours even with UDPP.

The shades in Douceurs de Paris are (from L to R) Nepal (peach), Violetta (violet), Demon Lover (purple), Fez (bronzey brown), Abyssinia (ivory), and Cordura (black brown with gold specks). Nepal, Fez, Abyssinia, and Cordura are shimmery, while Violetta and Demon Lover are matte. My favorite shade in this palette is Nepal, which is a bit sad since I already have the same shade in the NARS Bridal Palette. Hopefully I will grow to like the other shades better once I've had a chance to actually use the palette though.

All pictures in this post were taken under natural light.

In short: This palette delivers what I expect from NARS, silky eyeshadows with great pigmentation level. I can't say that I was blown away after seeing and touching it in person though.