Sunday, April 19, 2009

LOTDs - Different Looks with Shiseido Perfect Rouge

I decided to make a compilation post with photos of the Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks on their own and layered with different glosses on my lips. All of the photos in this entry were taken under natural light, though they were taken over the course of a couple of days so the lighting may not be exactly the same.

Let's start with my bare lips with just lip balm.

This is BE109 over lip balm.

The last photo was taken out of direct sunlight so you can see how nude the color is. I think my natural lip shade shows through more under direct sunlight.

This is BE109 with a layer of Integrate Glamorous Rouge in BE323 on top.

Again, I took the last photo partially in the shade so you can see the nude-ness of the lipstick+lipgloss combination.

These next ones are of BE109 with a layer of L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss in Coral Sands on top.

I had to edit these photos for the color to appear closer to the actual color. Since my lips in the pictures turned out more pink than in real life, I added some warmth to the pictures. Just wanted to let you know in case you noticed that the shade of my skin is different.

This is BE109 with a layer of L'Oreal Infallible in Blush on top.

I think my lips were getting dry at this point from the removal and reapplication of lipstick on that day, which is why they look so wrinkly in the first picture. Normally, the effect from the gloss (i.e., smoothness of the lips) should be the same as in the below pictures with Blush over PK307.

Finally, moving on to PK307. This is just PK307 on top of lip balm.

This is PK 307 plus a layer of L'Oreal Infallible in Blush on top.

If you click to see the last picture at its original size, you can see the shimmer in Blush.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shiseido Perfect Rouge

I've been eyeing these lipsticks since Shiseido started their marketing campaign. The red lipstick on the model in the ad looked absolutely stunning, so I was really drawn to this product even though I'm not big on red lips. I finally got a chance to check them out on Monday, and I caved in to buying two after trying them on.

I really like the color and design of Shiseido The Makeup products; they always look very sleek, sophisticated, and modern. Since I'm paying so much for the product, it comforts me somewhat to see that the product looks pretty =P

You may have already noticed, but I didn't own any lipstick prior to buying these new Shiseido ones. I just don't like using lipsticks because most are too drying for me, even over lipbalm. However, this is not the case with Perfect Rouge. They are fairly moisturizing, though I still have to apply lip balm to my lips beforehand. The coverage is medium to full if you just apply the lipstick directly to your lips, but I like to use my fingers to apply it in sheerer layers. I haven't done a rigorous test on the lasting power of these lipsticks, but it seems that they can last a while as long as I don't eat or talk too much (e.g., giving a lecture).

Since I never wear bright red lipstick like in the ad and I'm lacking something that can tone down my easily-flushed lips, I went to the department store counter with getting a nude lipcolor in mind. The two colors that I ended up with are BE109 Spiced Cream and PK307 Tourmaline. BE109 is really a true nude color on me. I was amazed at how nude and good it looked when the sales rep at the counter put it on me. However, when I tried it on at home, it seems to be less opaque, probably because I don't use lipliner, whereas the Shiseido sales rep did use a lipliner before he applied the lipstick on me.

Similarly, PK307 didn't look quite the same on me at the counter and at home. I caved into this unexpected purchase since it really brightened up my face when the Shiseido rep applied it on me at the counter (also over a lipliner). However, it looked brighter than I would like when I tried it on again at home. Still, the effect is pretty if I just apply a sheer layer or if I apply a little bit of BE109 over the PK307. The color is what I would call fuschia, basically a medium-toned bright pink.

In short: The lipsticks are moisturizing, offer sheer to full coverage based on your application method, and last fairly well. I would consider buying BE109 again if I run out, but I'm not sure PK307 works perfectly with my complexion.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

L'Oreal HiP EOTDs

I actually did these EOTDs a while back, but because they are so simple, I was hesitant to put these on the blog. However, since I haven't posted in a while and I don't have pictures taken of other EOTDs, here they are ^_^ All of the EOTD pictures were taken under a mix of yellow and white light.


L'Oreal HiP Gunmetal Look

Products used:

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Single in Shroom Shimmer
L'Oreal HiP Metallic Eye Shadow Duo in Gunmetal


(A) Yellow line - Shroom Shimmer
(B) Olive green line - lighter olive color in Gunmetal
(C) Green line - dark forest green color in Gunmetal

1) Apply A all over lid, concentrating more on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye
2) Line the top lash line with C, flicking up slightly at the outer corner of the eye
3) Line the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line with B
4) Line the inner 1/3 of the lower lash with A
5) Curl lashes

Like I said, extremely simple. Simple to the point that there really is no reason for this being on my blog except as a record for myself =P In any case, this is a makeup look that is very low key, but still gives you a slight pop of color and more focus to your eyes. I really like how the metallic olive in Gunmetal looks on the lower lash line.


L'Oreal HiP Charisma Look

The same concept and method of application used above can also be applied to the L'Oreal HiP Concentrated Duo in Charisma.

Products used:

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Single in Shroom Shimmer
L'Oreal HiP Concentrated Shadow Duo in Charisma


(A) Yellow line - Shroom Shimmer
(B) Lavender line - lighter mauve in Charisma
(C) Purple line - darker matte purple in Charisma

Follow the same directions as above.

Sorry for the slightly unevenly line on the top lash line. This look is even lighter than the one with gunmetal since the colors in this duo show up less vibrantly than the metallic duos. It is, nonetheless, a simple, elegant, and effective daytime look.


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