Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dior Summer 2011 - Rosy Tan Palette

After working for a couple of years now, I've realized that the most practical eyeshadow purchases I've made are nude/brown eyeshadows because they go well with my complexion and are a no brainer when it comes to application. That explains how I was drawn to Dior's Rosy Tan 5-couleur palette released for summer 2011. I can't say that the colors are unique, but I don't have a similar combo palette, so I decided to invest in it. I have not regretted the purchase, and it's definitely a much better color choice than the first Dior palette I bought, Petal Shine.

I don't believe anything has changed with the packaging or applicators since my first Dior palette review, so I won't say much. The style of the packaging is just okay in my opinion, and the applicators are just as crappy as any drugstore applicator.

The texture of the eyeshadows in the Rosy Tan palette feels finer than the texture of the shadows in Petal Shine from what I can remember (I've since given away Petal Shine so I can't say for sure). The dark liner shade is a tad grainier, but nothing that I can't live with. The color of the shadows on skin are also fairly true to what they look like in the pan except for the bottom left color. It looks taupey in the pan, but actually shows up as more of a bronze. The pigmentation of this palette is MUCH better than what Petal Shine had to offer though. The staying power is also pretty decent over UDPP, no issues with creasing when wearing it for a full work day.

The colors in this palette are (from L to R), an ivory, a cool pink, a bronze, a soft beigey brown, and a dark brown. All of the shades are fairly shimmery except for the beige brown color, which has more of a satin finish. The combination of the four nude/brown colors provides the basis for a simple, elegant look, but the pink adds in a shot of girliness.

All pictures in this post were taken under natural light.

In short: A worthy investment if you're a fan of nude/brown eyeshadows like myself.

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