Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lavshuca Fall 2010 & Spring 2011

For once, I am about to review an eyeshadow palette within a month (or two) of its release!! I picked up one of the fall 2010 Lavshuca eyeshadow quads late last year, but my cousin also got me a spring 2011 Lavshuca quad when she recently went on a trip to Asia. As such, in this post, I will be reviewing Lavshuca Melting Eyes in RD-1 from fall 2010 and Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1 from spring 2011.

The Melting Eyes series received a lot of rave reviews when it was released in Asia last year. All of the colors in the series are variations on nude/brown, which is the most versatile and also possibly most loved color combination for Taiwanese/Japanese bloggers. The packaging is made of a sturdy plastic, and the princessy design is typical of Lavshuca.

Also typical of Lavshuca, the palette comes with a double ended applicator with one rounder end for the lighter colors, and one pointier end for the darkest shade. The quality of the applicator is okay but not anything to write home about. The lack of a mirror is also a shame, but not particularly surprising.

The colors of Melting Eyes in RD-1 are a pale nude gold, a pinkish rose gold, a light bronze copper, and a medium dark chocolate. All shades are shimmery, though not overly so. The powder is finely milled with a semi-moist texture typical of many Japanese makeup brands, and the color payoff for all shades is sheer to medium. As a result, it is impossible to do anything dramatic with this palette. The overall look is very OL and what I would describe as 姐姐風的溫柔感 (the closest equivalent I can say in English would be a grown-up and feminine).

Now moving on to the Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1...

The Star Decoration Eyes series is set to replace my favorite Lavshuca line, the Eye Color Select quads (the ones that look like tulips/hearts). The packaging (other than the fake gem at the top) is certainly prettier, but I am thankful that I am not in any danger of using up my Eye Color Select quads any time soon.

Like the Melting Eyes series, the Star Decoration Eyes series also comes with the typical double-ended applicator and no mirror. I think the layout of and design on the eyeshadows are prettier than those of the Melting Eyes series though. (Sorry for the washed out picture, I couldn't find a good balance between too bright and too dim under the sunlight)

As you can see in the above unfocused flash picture, the Star Decoration Eyes quads are very shimmery. I have only seen this color in person, but looking at the pictures on other blogs, I'm pretty sure the other colors in the series are the same. The amount of shimmer in this quad is definitely higher than the amount in the Melting Eyes series, and possibly also the Eye Color Select series.

(*UPDATE* Uploaded a new swatch picture above.) The colors in this quad are a silvery white with pale gold glitter, a straight silvery white, a pale grassy green, and a medium olive brown. It is unfortunate that the color payoff in this quad is not quite as good as the Eye Color Select line, but the texture of glitter shade is definitely better than the that of the glitter shade in Eye Color Select quads (for comparison sake, the pigmentation level is on par with my Melting Eyes quad). The glitter shade in Star Decoration Eyes GN-1 consists of a very finely milled base color combined with a non-gritty glitter. The glitter may be more aptly named as shimmer flakes since the texture is the same as the shimmery base except you can see that the glitter comes in bigger pieces.

I have not yet used this quad on my eyes (that's how new this is!!), but the color combination is very mori kei and fairylike/elfish to me. This quad is definitely not what I would consider as office appropriate, but I think it will be nice for the weekends come springtime ^_^

The product pictures for Melting Eyes in RD-1 were taken under whitelight, while the rest of the pictures were taken under natural light. The flash picture for Star Decoration Eyes in GN-1 obviously had some help from the flash on my camera though =P

In short: I was not completely wowed by these two Lavshuca palettes, though they both have their own merits. One thing is certain, Lavshuca is definitely not for you if you consider yourself a MAC girl or like very pigmented eyeshadows.

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