Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Quad in Nude

I have a lot of makeup posts to catch up on ^^"' Although my makeup buying has slowed down in the past few months, but my makeup reviewing speed has slowed down even more. As such, what better time to catch up than during this long weekend? ^_^

One of the items that I bought last fall/winter (don't remember the actual month) was the subject D&G eyeshadow quad. I became interested in this new brand to the makeup world due to the number of rave reviews it was getting on its eyeshadow duos. However, because I'm more of a quad kind of person, I decided to pick up this quad in Nude to try out the brand. Although this brand has not displaced Chanel as my No. 1, I would still highly recommend trying out D&G's eyeshadows if you are interested and have the budget.

The outside packaging of the D&G shadows is not particularly interesting, but it does remind me of Chanel ^_^ Also, as usual for department store brands, the D&G quad comes with a handy velvet protective pouch. It's unfortunate that it collects dust so easily though ^^"'

Based on the pictures I saw online, I thought I wouldn't like the case for the D&G quad because of the gold color. When I received the product though, I was pleasantly surprised that the case actually looks classier than I thought it would be. The gold is not overly yellow and the case is a semi-matte finish, so the packaging says glam but not garish.

Also typical of department store brands, the quad has a sturdy plastic cover for the eyeshadows so the powder wouldn't get the mirror dirty. The quad also comes with two eyeshadow applicators. I didn't bother try using them so I can't say for sure if they're good or not. The fact that I didn't even bother trying them out probably says a lot though about my faith (or lack thereof) in their quality.

The Nude quad consists of a matte nude, a matte mauve, a shimmery pale peach, and a shimmery blackened plum. The two matte shades are extremely smooth, and are of comparable quality to Bobbi Brown's matte shadows. The peach color is also finely milled and very smooth, but the plum is a tad grainier. The color upon initial application is sheer, but can be built up to a medium level of pigmentation (i.e., better than Guerlain Midnight Butterfly, but not quite as pigmented as the typical MAC/BB eyeshadow). I would say that the overall quality is pretty typical of high end department store brands.

The colors of this quad equals retro chic in my mind. The way Scarlett Johansson looks in the ads for D&G makeup pretty accurately portrays my image of this quad. Like Hollywood in the 50s, Nude is very classy and glam, though the peach also brings in a touch of playfulness. This quad is very office appropriate, but I think it could also make a great party look if you're going for a retro chic look.

All images in this post were taken under natural light.

In short: If your budget is up for it, this D&G eyeshadow quad is a worthy investment. Nude exudes an aura of class and glam reminiscent of old Hollywood.


  1. I am thinking of purchasing one,
    your review was really useful source of info about this product.

  2. I love the colors!! Amazing!!